Den 23.april kan jeg velge hva jeg nsker ha av fag til neste r, Dissertation og Educational Placement M jeg har ellers kan jeg velge de 3 siste. S langt har jeg pnsket ut Counselling in Education,Disability Issues & Society (Inclusive and Special Education)ogEducation, Children and the Media, s jeg fr krysse fingrene jeg fr plass.

EDU040X901Y - Dissertation
- Assessment: research proposal (800 words) and dissertation (8,000 words, not including bibliography) This module aims to develop skills of research and reporting using appropriate methods and procedures. It builds upon the knowledge and abilities acquired by students through their studies and prepares for future research by encouraging the pursuit of high level of educational enquiry under the guidelines of an expert supervisor.

EDU020X912Y - Educational Placement
- Assessment: reflective diary (4000 words) [60%] consisting of introduction (500 words), three entries (1000 words each) and conclusion (500 words), oral presentation [20%] and placement report from placement provider [20%] [students are required to attend their placement for a total of 20 days] Prerequisite(s): completion of HE2 As a response to the need for personal and professional development, this module gives students the opportunity to undertake a personalised and negotiated work placement. This is a supported learning experience in a related education based workplace, which allows students to build their skills in a structured way. Many organisations, both statutory and voluntary, provide excellent opportunities for learning and students are able to increase their experience and confidence in various fields of employment. The placement also aims to promote the students? ability to relate knowledge and theory to practice and should provide an awareness and experience of future career opportunities.

EDU020X429A or S - Counselling in Education
- Assessment: essay (4000 words) Prerequisite(s): completion of HE1 Counselling has become an integral part of providing pastoral care in most secondary schools and some primary schools. The aim of this module is for students to understand the theory and skills involved in counselling children and young adults. In addition students will be given the opportunity to consider how counselling fits into the organization of a school, and the ethical considerations and dilemmas that counsellors come across in their work with children and young adults.

EDU020X917A or S - Disability Issues & Society (Inclusive and Special Education)
- Assessment: short critical piece about a journal article (1000 words), essay (3000 words) [including bibliography] This module identifies and examines current perspectives on disability and special educational needs and their impacts on educational theory, policy and practice. It offers critical insights into the debate about the educational provision for disabled students and students with special educational needs, with reference to current legislation, policy and practice.

EDU020X921A or S - Education, Children and the Media
- Assessment: source file [50%], essay (2000 words) [50%] Children today spend a great deal of time watching TV as well as being avid consumers of films, DVDs and computer games. These different media now constitute one of the most salient influences on the education and socialisation of children. This module considers issues such as how education, children and childhood are represented by the media, the marketing of media produced specifically for children, and how children make sense of the media.

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